Meet Jencen “Rockstar” Kateryna


Kateryna brings ideas to life – real life, with her own sensitive style and concentrated attention to detail. Jencen’s clients appreciate these remarkable traits and her Rockstar skills. So much, recently our client, Signet Jewelers, was so impressed with Kateryna’s work she calls her an actual “Rockstar” (seriously, we have the email to prove it).


Her Recent Design Collaborations:

Multi-Tenant Development, Aurora Road, Bainbridge, Ohio; Zales, Prototype Development; Kay Jewelers, Prototype Development; Things Remembered, Prototype Development; CORA Physical Therapy Centers, Prototype Development


Jazzagals and Retail Store Design:

As a designer, and a vocalist, Kateryna sees the same artistic collaboration process on her Jencen design teams as she does with her voice ensemble (for Schitt’s Creek fans, think Jazzagals). Working on numerous Jencen design efforts, she sees the same beautiful rhythm, repetition, and ultimate harmony. She says, “the real gratification in retail store design is walking into the store and feeling completely immersed in that design harmony.”