Restore Hyper Wellness / TideSmart Global

Fresh Organic Design for the Holistic Wellness Retail Segment 

100 Gorham Road, Portland, ME

Flagship | Portland, ME

Industry leader and innovator in the holistic wellness segment, Restore Hyper Wellness is also one of the fastest growing franchise companies. Franchisees, Steve and Katie Woods of TideSmart Global selected Jencen to design the very first Restore location in Maine – a flagship in Portland. Entrepeneurs and wellness enthusiasts, the Woods purchased a 6,400 square foot building for the anchor flagship plus two other wellness-based provider tenants. Collaboratively, the utilitarian building was reimaged with a fresh organic eco-friendly design that supports the Woods’ vision and the Restore DNA. The flagship also includes energy efficient replacement windows, LED lighting, solar panels, EV charging stations and more to embrace the eco-friendly objectives. Interiors feature a clean, elevated environment where clients ultimately relax and refresh. Restore signature blue hue can be found throughout along with inspirational quotes and mantras. The layout is strategic and organic to guide clients through the variety of therapy offerings including the mainstay Cryotherapy chamber.

Jencen is proud to be a Restore Hyper Wellness recommended architect.

Restore Hyper Wellness has over 125 locations nationwide