Golden moment for Jencen Design Team Members and Signet’s Banter Senior Designer during the group’s recent visit to one of the latest Banter stores. Banter’s Angela Francisco (center) is pictured in front of Banter’s selfie worthy “You’re Golden” sign along with Jencen’s Amanda Steinke, Keith Royer, Kate Wells and Nick Zalany (pictured in that order). The team visited two of their recent Signet projects – Banter and Zales – at Polaris Fashion Place, Columbus, Ohio



First up, the Banter by Piercing Pagoda store visit

The team gathered together in the latest Banter store to take it all in. The Jencen team successfully applied the Banter prototype to this former shoe store – working in the constraints of existing-to remains. The existing minimal storefront creates an open and inviting view to the store interior while the entrance is accented with an illuminated sign mounted to the glass above the main entrance. The interior was brightened up with a fresh coat of paint and sparkling star-like pendant lights as you enter. The focal wall behind the main register features Banter’s signature dimensional lightning bolt pattern and sculpted gold “B”.  A room was carved out of the existing sales area for the piercing lounge with an illuminated sign just outside “You’re Golden”, perfect for a selfie moment.


The 411 on the second store visit to Zales

Also at Polaris Fashion Place, the latest Zales store was another must see for the design team. Jencen is excited to be part of the latest Zales. The Jencen team was instrumental in the implementation of the design. The store combined three smaller spaces, with a long, curved storefront. The materials are black stained wood battens that are installed vertically or horizontally to break up the length of the storefront and create feature moments, paired with contrasting brushed brass. The orientation of the battens, along with LED lights placed in between highlight  the main entrance, recessed monitors, or glazing with a view in to suspended display cases. The wood battens continue inside the store and create the focal walls at each side of the space, incorporating illuminated signage and recessed monitors and to highlight the checkout.




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